A packet of chips

Moving  to another country was a novel experience for me.  I had expected some things to be different.  I knew the culture was different, but no one had prepared me for some of the most basic adjustments I had to make to my life.

Has it occurred to you, that you take so many things for granted in life?  As we move on in life and with each passing moment, we learn something.  And as time passes along, we take our knowledge for granted.

The first thing about moving here that I had to learn – I could not take even the most basic things for granted….

I had to attend a training.  It was about 4 pm.  We were all in need of some refreshments.  Lo and behold!! Coffee break was announced.  I walked up to the counter where the snacks was placed.  I picked up a cup of coffee (not the tea I was used to), a packet of chips and headed back to my seat.  The training resumed and we all were engrossed in professional conversation.

I was sipping the coffee and absentmindedly took the packet of chips in my hand.  I was looking at the presentation featuring on the white board and searching for the sleeve I had been so used to ripping open.  The packet was smooth at its edges.  I realized then – I had to learn again – HOW DO I OPEN THE PACKET OF CHIPS??!!!

Eventually, my powers of observation served me well in teaching me to open the packet.  But I face many more such minor issues in my transition – opening the milk cartons, using the punch machine, learning the new slang and so forth.  At times like this we realize, there is a lot more to life than what we already know and there may not always be one right way of doing things!!


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