Some things are universal – Greed is one such thing!!!

There are some things universal.  Greed is one such thing!!

I used to believe that greed was related to what we have – the lesser we have the greedier we are.  I thought greed was a function of need.  I was WRONG!!

It was Thursday, about 2 pm; I was working on my report at my desk.  Most people in my cube were also busy at their computers.  The only sounds within earshot were the fingers clicking at keyboards and the quiet sounds of concentration. 

I stifled a yawn and looked up from my report, thinking that a strong shot of coffee was in order.  As I headed out to the kitchen to get my shot, I met Maria, a colleague.  Maria works in my team as a administrative person. She would be about 40 years old.  She caught my arm and made a proud display of a nice new bag “Girl, look at the new bag for laptops they are giving away!!  Go, get yours before they are out of stock!!”

Now, I for one dint need a laptop tote.  I already had about 7 of them.  And I had recently purchased one in red leather.  The tote Maria displayed was a sort of Nylon thing that you would expect when its free.  But here I was creating an awareness of the free tote within my team.

Within minutes… all the women in the team headed to the store room.  Work was disrupted and the boys grumbled “We always get the short end of the stick!! Not fair”.

As we reached the store room, the stock of bags was over with only one left.  We all volunteered for one colleague to have it – she was the only one who dint already have a laptop TOTE!!

Just as we moved back to our floor, I realized – “Greed is universal”  No matter what you have – you will always want more; especially if its FREE!!


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