Am I young or am I old?

When I left India last year… I was looking at a career as a single woman in US,  a long an interesting journey.  My parents were livid!! Single woman at 25 – unheard of!!  Till I was in India, all my relatives were always commenting on what an “old” woman I had become.

Scene change – New York.  I am one of the youngest in all my friends!!  Not only that…they think I am an “infant”. 

“Married!! You…!!  Dont you think you need to grow up and mature??”  Thats what they say…

Am I young? or am I old?

2 Responses to “Am I young or am I old?”
  1. shaaakspsyco says:

    shaaaks. psyco.

  2. Victoria says:

    Wow what an interesting perspective. Having grown up in a smaller city (1 million people) I certainly understand that phenomenon. Had I stayed there it would have been expected that I be married by now. Oh the social pressures we face…

    No question in my mind that you are young and have plenty of time for marriage and family, but please don’t tell your parents that I said that.

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