Hooking up… hanging out!!

Till I came to NY, hooking up always meant “catching up” to me… I aPicture 019lways used the term… “lets hook up this weekend”… with my friends..

When I came to NY and used this term .. I got the strangest looks from my fellow colleagues.. or friends… they just dint understand what I meant… to them … “ hooking up” was equivalent to being romantically connected!! Can you imagine my horror at the confusion I was causing??

Another funny incident runs as follows:

I work with Arthur, a senior manager in our team, on a project.  As part of my assignment, we are supposed to conduct a search for companies… Now, in India, if some company is not identified in a search.. we commonly used the term “thrown up”.  So I would say, “Arthur, this company did not throw up in the search”… After regularly using the term for about 2 weeks, I was seriously embarrassed when one day Arthur, looking very pained said to me “ Soo, in USA, we use the term thrown up to mean VOMIT, I don’t really understand why you say thrown up in the search”… That is when we had a one to one on the terms I should use to describe the circumstances…

I also regularly had this problem when I said “We went out together”… what I meant here was that “we” “physically” “went” “out”… did not mean… that we were romantically involved… had a hard time with this one too… hanging out!! and going out!! now I most definitely use the former term 🙂

Someone very recently said “We are five countries divided by a common language!!”

Oh!! I can see that.. can you?


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