Khana Khazaana!!

Indian cuisine


Biryani, roti, dabba ghosh, churme ka laddu, bundi ka laddu, malai kofta, kachori, chaat, pani puri….. oooohhhh… I miss it!!

Spice is the variety of life in India…. we cook nothing without spice!! And Mumbai reins the food space… with cuisine from various cities readily available alongside international cuisine altered to the Indian taste buds…

Coming to the US, I was lucky to move to NY… it boasts of cuisine from around the world… very authentic cuisine… so I had quite a few interesting experiences when I went to try out some food… 🙂

I actually chose to do an entire trip to Boston alone!! For the very first time in my life… i took a short vacation trip alone 🙂  This was in the very first few months in NY. … I decided to go to Boston and I took what is the cheapest mode of travel outside NY… the chinatown bus!!  … I was traveling alone with about 40 other Chinese people 🙂  And they all spoke in Chinese to each other… a few of them spoke to me in English so that I dint feel too left alone :-)…

On the first night, the tour guide asked me if I was vegetarian…. I said “No”… Little did I know…. that I would not be able to eat anything!!  He took us to a place which had authentic Chinese food… Lobsters and everything in beef..  I, being a Hindu could not eat the beef… and I dint know how to eat the Lobster!!  So here I was…having paid for the food… sitting hungry… with a bunch of strangers.. luckily they felt pity on me … and I ate the entire dessert… a plate of mellon ..

This experience brought home the fact…. Chinese food in India….. is actually “Indian Chinese”….

Luckily though .. I have a few Chinese friends with whom I celebrated Chinese New Year later that year…. I ate Mandarin cuisine… Dimsums… and a few other things… knowing me… the host had ensured there was sea food… so that I could sample most of the dishes… I loved it… but yes… its very different from anything I ate in India..

Now… I know what I like… I have eaten most of the other cuisines… and I do have some favorites..  But the highest in all rankings for me even today is Indian food..

Btw… to make myself useful… I am listing some websites on which you should find some good websites … for food

GrubHub, Menupages, Yelp..

Just ate some Biryani I ordered using Grubhub …. signing off 🙂

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