Four Seasons…..


I had always read this concept in books I grew up reading.. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring… 

In India we had different seasons: Summer, Monsoon and Winter.

While this may not seem that big a change to someone who has not changed countries… rather continents…  for the newcomer its quite a big adjustment… first of all I do not know what to expect… I have no idea.. how Spring is supposed to feel or how Fall is supposed to feel…. the other two seasons … I have some idea..

I came to NY on 17 October 2008…. it was Fall then… Abhi had told me.. that it would be cooler than I was used to…. but I was totally not prepared for 12 degrees of temperature when I landed (for those of you who use Fahrenheit to measure the temperature that was about 53.6 F)… I landed on the US shores for the first time in my life and was hit by a blast of cold air…

I dint have any winter clothes then because it is never this cold in Mumbai, in all my life I had never experienced 12 degrees Celsius… For the initial few days (5 to be precise) I made do with layering of my existing clothes as I searched for an apartment..  But when I absolutely could not handle it… I dropped into an H&M… and bought a winter coat..  (see… my first winter coat).

As winter unfolded…. (one of the coldest ones …. as my luck would have it)… I realized that there could be situations when I would not be able to feel my face!!! On New Year’s night ( I spent at home with my friend Sevim and her boyfriend, Florian)..when we went for dinner…. a block away…. I just could not wait to be inside… it was –13 degrees!!! I could feel my bones freezing through my 4 thick layers of woolens… It was perhaps the first time in my life… when I was perfectly content to sit in my house .. and dint feel bad about partying the night away for New Year’s Eve…

Learning to cope to winter…. I entered Spring…. having never experienced this season before… I dint really know what to expect…..I then realized my body was acting strange… I was allergic!!

In Mumbai, I dint really come across a pollen allergy situation… we don’t have spring there… I kept falling ill… running nose… and mild temperature…. Finally I went for a physical exam.

Then comes summer…. this I am a pro at handling…. or so I thought…

I dint particularly like the sun in India… in Mumbai we have too much of it… its always sunny and hot…. I have been used to spending weekends indoors… we always did indoor activities… Here, the sun doesn’t show face for most part of the year… and so like everyone else I realized its value and definitely wanted to be in sunshine…

My first summer here… I found the sun intolerably hot…. I actually had a terrible headache on one Sunday because I was out in the sun.. on Saturday… it was 37 degrees… (90 F),….  my friend (a non-Indian one) asked me…. Soo why do you find the sun unbearable? You are from India… you should be used to the sun… ??

That’s when I realized… though it was sunny in Mumbai… I dint exactly spend time in the sun…

Now…. we are again entering Fall… lets see how this season goes through….  I have read and heard that its beautiful… I want to see the leaves in Central Park… I had missed them last time…

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