Empire State Building… my first visit

Surprisingly…. or perhaps not so surprising… I visited the Empire State Building for the first time today!!

Given that I live in NY (since last October) and work in NY… its quite something that I had not been to this monument before now… But yes that’s the truth..!!

Jagdish mama (my mom’s mama) and Usha mami visited me today… It is at her suggestion that we went to the Empire State Building…

Just as we reached the building.. we had a couple of young men meet us and tell us to buy tickets to the virtual show… for a sum of $ 40 per head!@ Of course we dint buy them and went inside.. The entire wait was about 45 min to finally reach the 86th floor.. During this time… we were photographed with background (the photo was available for purchase @ $26), offered to sell snacks… photographed with a Gorilla man and tons of other similar stuff… All in all.. the wait was quite a sight in itself… Jagdish mama was quite fed up with it..

When we finally reached up… (after waiting for long and changing lifts at the 80th floor..) the sight was nice…. something interesting no doubt… but not really worth the wait!!  (Will post some photos soon)

Going down was just as painful..

But I cant help but wonder… that just in building a tall building this country has gained so much tourist income…!! Money to go see… $20 for a no frills view and much much more for all the frills… ( you can spend at least $100 here)..

Also brought my attention to my recent visit to the Met Museum… this was also a similar experience ($20 entrance fee) and then an extremely huge museum to go through…. in the modern art section… there is actually a painting which is just a green rectangle!!!  

I really wondered then… why should I pay to see this??

Such an anticlimax…!!

But where this place with so limited history can attract so much tourist crowd…. why cant India?? Mumbai?? with so much history and so much to actually show case??


This post is purely my view and is not attributed to any person or place and should not be read as such

2 Responses to “Empire State Building… my first visit”
  1. Soo says:

    Yeah.. the more I visit some of the tourist places here.. the more I realize that everything here is man-made and about 100 to 200 years old?? India has so many thousand years of history… and archaelogical stuff… really needs to be better positioned and portrayed to the world…

    The world probably only knows of the slumdogs and poverty… but are they aware of the beautiful temples, the old palaces, the ancient forts?

    India even though such a small country is so full of diversity… in everything… people, climate, culture and experiences… really it should be showcased better

  2. shaaakspsyco says:

    I remember my visit to the ESB some 10 years ago.
    In India, the Archaeological Department has but neglected restoration, preservation &the marketing of historical &cultural sites.
    Money granted, but pocketed.

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