Who does your time belong to?

Have you ever stopped to wonder who your time belongs to? I did… today.

Warning.. tangent ahead.

“Pooja, we have to go to Billu mama’s granddaughter’s naming ceremony. Don’t go out with friends then. I want you to be there for the ceremony”…

“Tonight you have to call… Jaggu mama, Bobby aunty and Koiri mama. Don’t forget”

“We are to attend this wedding on Tuesday”

In Mumbai, these lines were some of the most common lines I grew up listening to.. We have this planned and we have that planned… and so on. I rarely made plans with friends without checking with Mom about our social commitments.

In New York, this story took a total twist. I am totally responsible for myself and my time.

End of tangent

Whether you are from Mumbai or from New York.. Did you ever wonder who your time belongs to? If you are like me.. you have probably been through this dual adjustment. When in India, letting others do the planning and when here taking charge.

Time is THE only valuable resource any person has. All of us have only a limited amount of time – 24 hours each day. And those are also numbered. We can never reverse time or what we have done with it. We have to live with our past knowing our mistakes. But can only change ourselves for the coming future.

Given that time is such a valuable commodity and that no one has an excess of it, is it really ok to give so much access to some one else to plan our time? Would you rather plan your time yourself based on opportunity cost principles? (For those not in the know. This effectively means the cost of opportunities lost. For example, if you spent 1 hour with your girl friend over a cup of coffee, you did not use that one hour to spend it with your mother or to watch a match or to study.)

I am yet to decide the answer to this question myself. Have you?

Time flies…. don’t you want to choose your destination?

One Response to “Who does your time belong to?”
  1. Ameya says:

    Your time belongs to you and you only. Period. Whether you use it to honor plans others commit you to is your decision.
    Have something to say about cost of opportunity. If I had weighed the cost of not risking my practical exams to be more than all the anticipated fun in Goa, I might not even be writing comments to your blog 🙂

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