Got your coffee?? Did you get any….ummm

Coffee is synonymous with??

…Sex in the western countries is considered as basic a need as food and drink.. is it really though?

Having brought up in India, where sex is sacred.. I wonder what strikes a balance between these two extreme philisophies…

Till I moved to NYC, I had not really experienced the other outlook of life. I had seen only one side of the coin. I dint know any arguments in favor of consider sex just a need and not anything more. When I did come to NYC though, the blinders were taken off my eyes. I can now understand the other point of view.

In the West, I understand sex between two consensual adults is not a taboo as much as it is in the East (mind you, no religion permits it freely – as one of my Polish friends here pointed out).  Also, it depends on where you are in the West – NYC is more liberal than most other places, being a Metro with many transient people.

(More to come)


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