Vacationing glory

Vacations are always fun. But the concept of fun has largely changed since I moved to the US.

My vacations in India always involved drinking and lazing around on the beach. And perhaps sight seeing around a new place. But moving to the US has added much more to that.

Vacations here are filled with activities and physical sport. I dont remember the last time I played or did any activities when I was in India. Here I go snorkeling, bungee jumping, trekking, camping, scooba diving and many more such fun things.

On my most recent vacation, I went to Minnisotta. Lots of friends lots of fun. 

Day 1: Shopping (trust me it is an activity!! when you go to the biggest mall in the US)

Day 2: Swimming in the pool

Day 3: Canoeing in a stream..

And I am still looking forward to doing many more outdoor activities.

Clothing is much more practical. I don’t really have to worry much about what others think when I dress. I just wear what makes most sense on the nature of the activity!!

I guess I am enjoying my vacations much more here!! I feel like a child looking forward to many more experiences.


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