One way ticket

Life is a journey!! Yes.

That is a very common dialogue you would hear. But have you ever sat back and thought about this? Journey to where? Do we really have a destination? Is the destination more important or the journey?

In fact, I think it is a journey – on a one way ticket!! We do not have the chance to return, time cannot be turned around, words once spoken cannot be taken back…….. SCARY? .. … So this basically means that we need to look out of the window, sing our songs and do our thing; lest we lose the chance to grab those moments into our stash of memories and experiences.

Given this, one must wonder what ambitious people like you or me should want. When I moved out of Mumbai, I was a young girl with lots of dreams, visions and ambitions; only surrounding my career and my job. But as I met with people here, interacted with different nationalities, and spoke to people with different experiences; I grew to realize that there is much more to life than a career and a job. More specifically, when someone asked me what I do other than my job.

In Mumbai, we were just brought up to learn how to fend for ourselves, how to have jobs, careers and earn money. If you ask an Indian youth about himself/herself, he/she would identify themselves with their job. No one in Mumbai (at least in my circle) had the time to develop a hobby, or do something other than their job and manage their routine. In fact, once on a vacation with my friends, we realized that more often than not we ended up talking shop.

When I came here, I met people who took as much time developing and working with their hobbies as much as they took buidling their careers. My cousin Abhi, who you have heard me talk about in my earlier posts, loves wine. When got to know him better after I moved here, I observed his love for wine – how he knew so much about the grape it came from, how he took the time to figure out which year and place it came from and so on. I met another guy, Sandy, his daughter plays tennis. He researched endlesslly on what string is good, what kind of racket to buy and so on.

I never had that kind of luxury when I was in Mumbai. I always spent time working and studying; and perhaps with family. But once I moved here, I have had the time to think about what I like and want. Makes me wonder at my priorities, and what I should want. Is there really a right and wrong in wanting things? Is there a right order of priorities? Or is it just a personal choice?

On the one-way journey in your life……… what do you want to capture in the limited time on this journey? Do you want to spend your time working, at office? or do you want to spend your time with family? or with friends? Do you want your time alone? It all a choice of what you want, how you want to shape your life, and what you want to see during your lifetime.  The journey of your life will take whatever turns you want as long as you are willing to pay for the fare. And the fare is only the choice of one experience over another.

So what do you want? How do you want to shape the journey of your life?

Do you have beliefs of what is the right order of priority? 1.Family 2. Career 3. Friends 4. Self? OR 1. Career 2. Family 3. Self 4. Friends? OR any other order?

2 Responses to “One way ticket”
  1. Why says:

    Does the priority not change at different points in time? & is it not dictated by circumstances so that even if you want to put family first, you end up deciding on career?

    • Soo says:

      Priorities should change with time, as life moves on and some things become more important than other. And priorities do change as well. When one refuses to change according to changing times, it can actually be quite unhealthy. Sometimes though it is important to take a step back and decide what is more important to you and not decide things based on what others say, or get pushed into a corner by circumstances. Because life gives you only one chance and time spins only in one direction. And you really dont want to have regrets in life. you dont want to feel, had you a second chance you would have done things differently.

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