Oww!!! It hurts!!

Mumbai like New York was very cosmopolitan. People from all over the country made Mumbai their home. Sometimes so much so that people like me who were born there felt like outsiders. I remember when some Bihari minister tried celebrating Bihar day on Shivaji Park beach and the Shiv Sena people raged against them. I had felt so good then.. about the upholding of the rights of the Marathi Manoos (or the Maharashtrian person).

Today when I live in NY, its much similar to the Biharis in Mumbai. I am outsider here who has made NY my home. Does this mean that I should forego my Mumbaikar values or ideas of enjoyment and just adopt NY values? Similar to when in Rome be like the Romans?

As a Mumbaikar, I definitely expected that of the immigrants.. that they accept Mumbai culture as their own and do not try to color Mumbai with their own colors. Does this mean that I adopt NY colors now? What are these colors?

One thing good about NY is that it is not that difficult to enjoy my Mumbai delights, how do I retain my Mumbai colors while being at peace with the NY colors? I guess I need to learn to bring a balance isnt it? Any suggestions?

4 Responses to “Owww…..”
  1. Alefiya says:

    Hmmm interesting! Although the fact is every new person in this city brings with them their own culture… and maintains it to some extent.
    Walk down any NYC street on a hot summer weekend and you will be treated to celebrations from different parts of the world. Puerto Rican day, Chinese new year celebrations, Dominican parade, Indian Independence day fair, the list goes on! Is that not called “painting the city with their colors”? I think yes! Is this taking away from the New York spirit? I think no! If anything it adds to the vibrant culture of the city.
    I truly believe mumbaikars could learn a lot from this example!

    • Soo says:

      Well said. It is true that a lot can be learnt from this example. New York definitely derives its culture from all its immigrants, but somewhere because I am from Mumbai and call it my birthplace I find it harder to accept the same of Mumbai. Old habits die hard. Working towards changing that

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