Challenges galore!!

America is definitely a land where people set challenges for themselves all the time…. writing a 50,000 word novel in a month,  blogging on a daily basis, running a marathon, climbing kilimanjaro… the list is endless. It is fun and exciting to think up newer challenges and go about conquering them as you go along.

How is it that we did not do that back home? Why is it that we did not challenge ourselves with such things then? I did not know a single person who set out with goals outside of work/education for just the joy of winning. How is it that a country with the second largest population in the world does not do that as a culture? Should this be a reason we should have found more people doing it? Or is this a reason we don’t find enough people to do it?

Perhaps the latter might be true. The answer is simple economics!!

The ratio of the number of people in India to resources is so large that most people are just fighting to conquer the basic battles of life. At the end of the day they are exhausted and not many have the energy or the drive to set out challenges, just for pleasure and strive towards achieving them. I guess that is why we are so fiercely competitive, doggedly persistent and determined when it comes to our careers but not so much outside of it. We do not have any energy left.

Having come here, I have now gotten the chance to develop newer hobbies and interests and spend the time and energy in nurtuing them. While this gives me immense joy, it also brings with it some sadness on the realization that this was an opportunity I could not have exploited back home.

Is it any less patriotic of me to enjoy my life here and not want to go back? Is it wrong to live and spend elsewhere after taking benefits of all the subsidies my country gave me? I don’t know, but for now I am taking life as it comes. Perhaps I can set a challenge for myself to help my country in a meaningful way as I go along.

One Response to “Challenges galore!!”
  1. Victoria says:

    I like your idea to to help your country in a meaningful way! Now that’s a great challenge.

    Perhaps Americans need to relax and enjoy life more, instead of taking on a new challenge every month. Maybe we would have lower blood pressure 🙂

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