Love thy neighbor

Love thy neighbor“, a term that’s almost become clichéd over the years. In a time when neighbors, at least in America, are people we rarely see (thanks to garage door openers and busy lives), or are thought of as nuisances with barking dogs and noisy children, how can we possibly love our neighbors?

I truly realized the difference in the feelings towards neighbor’s when I moved to NY. I have moved a number of apartments in the City and each time I did not know any of my neighbors.

In my first building, I had an old Spanish neighbor who did not know any English. I ocassionally ran into him when entering or leaving my apartment. The only form of communication between us was a nod when passing each other. I didn’t know his name and did not even feel the need to find out.

Today, I still don’t know the names of my new neighbors. I now live in a much bigger building and I have  not even come across them in the passing!!

Back home, not only did I know my neighbors by name, they also made a difference in my life. I grew up with their children in my neighborhood, playing games in the grounds, competing at school and then hanging out and about in the area. As a family, we kept ourselves up to date on the happenings in the life of our neighbors, who is studying for what, who is dating whom and the list was endless.

Neighbors were not only friends (or at times nuisances) but also provided a great deal of entertainment on lazy afternoons.

Will times in Mumbai also change so that neighbors no longer know one another?

Is it only NY because it is a big city here that doesn’t have the time to get to know one’s neighbors?

I don’t know, but I guess time will tell………..


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