Juicy Couture

Alefiya walked towards me dressed in a wine colored jacket, black suede boots, and matching accessories. I had been waiting for her, outside her brother’s apartment building, to go out shopping with.

Looking at her always made me feel kind of under dressed. She is always so perfectly dressed. Totally NY style!!

If you look around NY streets, you will notice everyone dressed in their best. Every season brings with it, its very own colors and looks. Some people I know of also use lookbooks available online to get ideas on how to dress!!

In office, the evil witch (I referred to her in one of my earlier posts) is one of the best dressed women. She would be a perfect candidate for the real life role of Meryl Streep in “Devil wears Prada“. My very own devil is dressed in the most awesome outfits, accessorizing with jewellery, jackets, boots and bags. I love seeing all the combinations.

Ocassionally, I do try to fit in and wear something that is at least somewhat stylish. But I guess I am just not naturally “there” when it comes to being a stylish dresser everyday.

Why would I bring this up on a blog of NY vs Mumbai?

Well, because styles are so different, attitudes are so different in the cities. Back in Mumbai, there are so many diverse people, none of whom are fashion icons. You definitely would not call people (in general) there style icons.

In office, you would find the ocassional women who were great dressers. But these were exceptions rather than the rule. Most people there dress for comfort and depending on the requirements of the role they are playing. They rarely are very style conscious in their dressing. I fit in perfectly there!!

Why the difference? Is this also because of the economics theory I talked about before? Or is there another reason? Not really sure… but for now… I am working on being more stylish!!

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