Walkie talkie …

Walking is a culture is NYC…. everyone is walking all the time, everywhere!! Infact, people here have different shoes to walk around in and different shoes that they wear inside office. More often than not, you will see very formally dressed men and women with sports shoes. This was a sight you would never see in Mumbai. I for one, would never have been seen doing that, totally not in my fashion sense.

Also, in Mumbai, it is so hot, you will melt if you walk even for a few minutes. Most people who can afford it take some form of transport, restricting walking only to the minimum. Also, the streets are much more crowded than here (a function of the population -which is 3 times that here), making it much harder to walk in Mumbai vis-a-vis in NYC. 

I think this weekend I probably walked about 5 miles both days, just getting around everywhere.  This was something I would never have done in Mumbai. I liked the walk. Nice cold weather, clean roads, was good walking. But would I prefer to take a taxi everywhere? YES, even better!! Taxis were cheaper back home, never went about anywhere without a taxi.. .. makes me wonder, what I like more!!


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