This place is a goldmine of on-SALE products and a shop-a-holic’s paradise.

Once I heard a gentleman say to another “Never pay full price for a product, wait it out”… I did not understand the full meaning of this till I found much later and to my dismay that actually really good quality products go on sale here all the time. I had bought a GAP sweater for its full price of $60 only to find it on the sale rack about 6 months after at $30!!! And there was absolutely nothing wrong with the products.

Now you would wonder why I said there was nothing wrong with the products – this is because typically where I grew up and when I grew up, only defective products or seriously out-dated products went on sale. To this date, when I shop in Mumbai, I enter a store looking at the SALE board outside, but end up shopping from the non-SALE items.

Now I have become a sale queen! I shop on sale events at my favorite stores – Banana Republic, Black & White, GAP, and Express. Of course, a slave to my habit I often also pick up full priced products. I guess I need to spend more time here.



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