An extended loss…!!

In talking with Pratima (my SIL) today, I realized that perhaps our future generations may not really know the joy of an extended family!!

Growing up, we spent so much time with our cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles and generally extended family. We had fun, and built relationships that lasted us and are lasting us our lifetime. We cherish memories of playing cards together, chor police (a game if thieves and cops), catch-and-cook and many other such games played with our cousins. We spent summer vacations at our grandparent’s homes, with all cousins pooling together – always drove the grandparents nuts!!

Today, sitting across the world from the rest of my family I realize that my children may not know what the joy of being close to cousins is – of staying the summer vacations at the grandparents, of visiting close aunts and uncles, of playing practical jokes with cousins, of relationships built with a long line of blood rather than friendships.

How do we bridge this gap when we stay away? How do we make sure our children know the joys that we did?

The only thing I can think of – is regular visits back home, sharing photographs of our childhood with our children, sharing childhood stories and making regular calls home. But I am not really sure that this can help build the same bonds that a personal relationship would bring.

Please share with me any personal tips that would help in bridging this gap that I am sure the distance will bring!!

PS. I don’t have kids right now, but am sure the tips will help in the long run:-)



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