Maid -of-honor (honour)

I never thought that of all the things I miss most about India, I will miss having a maid. But seriously, who doesn’t like to be pampered?

A person born and brought up here will never understand the sheer luxury or pleasure that having a maid affords. Just imagine, no need to cook, do laundry, vacuum, dust, mop or just about anything around the house!!! These chores take about at least 5 hours a week or more depending on how big your apartment is. And if you don’t do them, and don’t have somebody else do them, you will feel like you are living in a pig sty… well eventually!

So in come the maids, they do all the things around the house, that make it a nice and clean place to stay and they take the pain out of it for you. So seriously, I do consider these god-send women as Maids of Honor!!



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