I hate time change!!

Heard of day light saving time change? Godd!! I hate it.

I did not have to worry so much about it back home, but here every six months the clocks are actually reset to a new time! Called as DST.

And the worst part of this is, that different places change time differently ..

See here..


PS. Am going to add this to my list of things I miss in India – one singe time through the year.

Oh! Don’t mind me, am a little shot in the head from losing a sleep hour this weekend 😦

6 Responses to “I hate time change!!”
  1. It gets easier… and it actually makes a lot of sense in terms of taking advantage of daylight hours…
    hope you adjust to it!

  2. Sumit says:

    you do know we get an extra hour too right sometime in Nov… also the main purpose was to shift daylight from morning to evening so that early morning daylight is not wasted

    • Indian Pixie says:

      Aah!! I had no idea really 😉

      I like the part where we gain the sleep hour, not the part where we lose the hour. Also, it is painful when organizing global conference calls and meetings, with the time constantly changing.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “a little shot in the head” – What does that mean?

    • Indian Pixie says:

      “Shot in the head” is my own term!! (I can be inventive that way ;-)) I mean, my brain has been picked, from losing a precious hour of my beauty sleep.

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