Moving to NY – useful links

Hello – if you are on this page, you probably need help in your move to NY. Here are a few useful links that may come handy:

  1. Getting a place to stay
    There are a number of options here. If you have been used to buying your own place back home, instead of renting, you may have to wait awhile. Here, you will have to rent an apartment before you can buy. Also, renting an apartment is not going to be very easy. Typically, for newcomers, the landlords will ask for an extra month’s security deposit. In some cases, you may also have to paya broker’s fee. Try the following links for apartments
  2. Buying furniture
    In the first year you may want to go for cheaper furniture
    If you want expensive furniture, you can try this place too
  3. Getting useful stuff for home
    Cheaper options
    KMartExpensive options


Hope you find this list useful!


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