Either OR

Hey there peeps!! Have you ever wondered why we always have to choose? We can never have it all.. Perhaps it is the reason why we have the popular saying – “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!” You either can be on land or in water… like the seal in the picture. … Continue reading

Should I marry him now?

I have heard that the best form of flattery lies in imitation. And when it comes to blogging I suppose it lies in re-blogging. I really loved this post written by a friend of mine. I am sure you will love it. Should I marry him now? Read here.

I am getting married tomorrow!!

I will miss you Aai. I remember not too long ago, I had told you that I would be getting married on your anniversary, 38 years after you got married. I had told you, “now I will wish you Happy Anniversary on the same day as you can wish me.”  It is my US wedding … Continue reading

Living your values

Aai, while there is nothing I can do to bring you back, I can try and live your values: It is only when you have something to hide that you need to lie. Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Time is the most important commodity. Once lost it cannot be bought back. Relationships are … Continue reading